System BT55

The new and unique Bluetooth® System BT55 by Bodo Ehmann GmbH is the perfect introduction for smart light management and smart shading.

For your small smart home: easy to install, expandable through the module system and affordable for little money. Ideal to retrofit existing rooms or, if you wish, only single rooms with a smart home system.
Manage your illumination like a normal ceiling lamp with 230V or LED Stripes with 24V via Bluetooth® 5.0 Mesh with your smartphone, flush mounted switches (inside the wall) or wireless pushbuttons. Latter ones work without battery or power supply so they can be placed anywhere. Instructions can be taught to the system individually. Even your blinds or shutters can be either controlled digitally with your smartphone or manually with the flush mounted switch or wireless pushbuttons. Different scenes can be programmed with the app, as well as timer settings and group switching of your smart devices. Light and shade – easily created as you wish.
To manage devices via Alexa or Hey Google and to be able to control your devices out of Bluetooth® or WIFI range, you can optionally obtain a gateway. If you do not wish to use a language assistant, the system still works without the microphone by using your smartphone, switch or pushbutton.

Our software and flush mounted devices are Made in Germany and our serves are located in German computer centers – for your personal data security and privacy. The devices are compatible with common 55mm switch ranges and can easily be integrated into existing switch ranges. Teaching the commandos to the devices is fairly easy and can be done with the user’s smartphone. A qualified electrician only has to install the 230V devices into the flush mount installation.
The app is available free of charge and without any consecutive costs for iOS and Android users.