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Electrify Your Ideas

We have been developing electrical installation material for more than 40 years now. Our main focus is on innovative LED dimming technology and power distribution. Supported by many loyal employees, who have been working in our company for so many years, we are willing to face challenges of any kind. We are standing for individual products of high quality – made in Germany. Due to being a team we can provide a high level of customer service and make (almost) everything possible for you. We are professional as well as competent while serving not only major but also small customers. Time has shown that we are successful in what we do and how we do it. For the next 40 years we want to carry on – and would be happy to do so with you as our partner.


Handsfree top piece for door handles “clean4health”

The clean4health handfree door opener – open and close doors only with the help of your elbow or forearm. Minimize your risk of getting infected by touching a door handle with your hand. Suitable for round and angular door handles with a diameter of 16-24 mm.
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Corona update – We are here to help!

You have a delivery shortage due to the corona virus and urgently need your orders for electrotechnical products? You need products designed for the medical area? Give us a call! We can help you out. Service number: +49 6182 92930.
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Medical socket strips from EHMANN – professional solutions for your systems!

In the second half of 2019 we conducted a thorough revision of our medical socket strips. Through that we have been able to improve our products in their handling, made a weight reduction possible and created functional surfaces that can be desinfected easily. An explanation of all the optimizations can be found in this article.
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Which EHMANN dimmer fits which LED lamp?

The LED arrangement list

The dimming of LEDs is quite complex and the compatibility between the LED and the dimmer plays the crucial role in this connection. Everyone who had to deal intensively with this topic knows that. Our aim is to make these complexities easier and that is the reason why our engineers have gathered recommendations in a list for you. This list is rather broad and detailed – from professional to professional.

In this list you will find a wide range of more than 400 tested LED lamps from different brands (Osram, Philips, Megaman, GE, Ilox, YPHIX, Ikea, Aldi (Müller Licht), Segula) and the matching dimmer solution from EHMANN.

Just check with our compatibility list which LED fits which dimmer and the other way around:

*Exclusion of liability
The results shown are based on measurements in our test laboratory. Due to the variance of different influencing factors it may happen, that different results occur. Also LED lamps may have electronic variations. These recommendation lists are only to be seen as an information without engagement. Please understand, that the Bodo Ehmann GmbH can’t take any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the data and their usage and therefore rejects every liability. Thank you for your understanding!

Ehmann product innovations

Quality in every detail. Quality made in Germany.

We must admit: many great ideas for products not only come from us, but from our customers. They challenge us; they always expect new solutions for their ideas from us. We gladly accept those challenges, work meticulously on them, we think them ahead and finally present the solution to our customers and also produce it for them.

Sources of supply

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