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4. January, 2023

NEW – Medical socket strips with IEC-lock sockets

Our medical socket strips are traditionally available with sockets type F or E, which is German or French standard. For customized application, they are also available with other sockets. In order to make as many customers as possible happy with an internationally technically functional product, we invented the IEC-lock socket strip – and had it patented!

With the help of the Lock function close to the c13 sockets, we make sure that no additional devices can be plugged into the socket strip. At the same time, it makes sure that necessary devices will not be unplugged wilfully. The lock function replaces the usucal lid with lock mechanism in our standard medical socket strips. With the lock function you need to switch the positioning pin with the help of a small tool, in order to plug or unplug devices. A detailled instruction is included.

The IEC-Lock Medi sockets with green signal lamp and 2x fuse T10 A are momentarily available in two different versions:

0858×05062033      Med. socket strip 6-fold IEC-Lock
0860×05042033      Med. socket strip 4-fold IEC-Lock, 4 ZPA (additional equipotential bonding connectors) according to DIN 42801

Of course we also offer OEM versions. Talk to us and let us know what we can help you with!

iec lock c13 verschlussmechanismus

All other features and EHMANN advantages will remain in the socket strip. Futher information about our medical socket strips can be foung here.


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