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Socket systems

Development of customized socket strips

Being a German manufacturer gives us the opportunity to provide a wide product range with various plug systems, different cord lengths and variable functions in the 250V area. Furthermore we can offer the development and production of customized socket strips and plug systems. As producer we can realize different degrees of individualization:

  • Functionalities like overvoltage protection/surge protection, line filter, RCD switch, master-slave, energy distributor, time switch, seperately switchable sockets, external switch and much more
  • Socket strips for different countries, like France/Belgium, Switzerland, also USB, IEC and much more
  • Sockets in different colours possible
  • Individual cord length, completed by an angle plug or other systems
  • Choice of material such as robust plastic, noble aluminum or another finish
  • Individual branding (logo, labels, inscriptions, …)
  • Development of new solutions for power distribution according to your wishes

Get in touch with us and describe your requirements and specifications.
We are sure of it: we can make (almost) everything possible!


No socket strips chains allowed

We explicitly advice against plugging socket strips into one another to build a chain. Usually most socket strips can handle a maximum load of 3600 Watt. This information can be found on the socket strip itself. All in all, the connected devices are not allowed to exceed this indicated load. If one socket strip gets plugged into another, this does not automatically increase the maximum load. It still is 3600 Watt. But with plugging one socket strip into another, you have more space to plug in devices, and with that the danger of exceeding the maximum load is rising. If the maximum load is exceeded, the socket strip could be overloaded, which generates heat in the socket strip. If the fuse doesn’t trigger right away, the risk of smouldering fire increases. This kind of fire may remain unnoticed and may set fire to easily inflammable materials.

The plug-in connection system of Wieland Gesis GST 18/3 is part of the installation plug-in connectors and is regulated in the IEC 61535 / VDE 0606-200. Using this kind of interface, it is allowed to connect socket strip modules in series.

EHMANN safety note

Safety note: Only trained electricians should perform work on 230V networks, taking into account valid regulations (e.g. DIN VDE). The voltage must be turned off before performing work. Non-observance of the installation instructions can lead to damages of the product, fire or other dangers.