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1. April, 2020

Handsfree top piece for door handles “clean4health”

The current situation is facing us all with unexpected challenges. The health of each and every one of us is our top priority. To support that, we developed the door handle top piece “clean4health”. Thanks to the top piece, there is no need to have your hand touch the door handle.



Due to the ergonomic design, doors can be opened and closed with your forearm or your elbow – virus-free! The risk of transferring viruses over the door knob onto your hand is being minimized. The top piece is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, to guarantee the stability needed. Furthermore, it’s easy to disinfect the surface.


Clean4Health can be used for all door handles with a diameter between 16 and 24 mm. The shape of the door handle (round or angular) is irrelevant. The integrated grid prevents that the top piece gets out of place. Due to the the safe grip, there is no need to readjust the position.



The clean4health hand-free top piece for door handles can be used in places, where lots of people meet. Meaning mainly public places like stations, airports or washing romms. But also the medical area (hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes or doctors’s offices) can take advantage of all these product features. Of course, it can also be used in offices or at home. Minimize your risk of being infected with deseases – now and also after the crisis.

The door opener is available in four different colours: white, grey, green and blue.

The set consists of 4x hexagonal screws made of stainless steel (M4x30) as well as of 4x nuts.

You need changes in colour or branding? You have an idea, that you want to bring to life?

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