Socket systems

Development of customized socket strips

Being a German manufacturer gives us the opportunity to provide a wide product range with various plug systems, different cord lengths and variable functions in the 250V area. Furthermore we can offer the development and production of customized socket strips and plug systems. As producer we can realize different degrees of individualization:

  • Functionalities like overvoltage protection/surge protection, line filter, RCD switch, master-slave, energy distributor, time switch, seperately switchable sockets, external switch and much more
  • Socket strips for different countries, like France/Belgium, Switzerland, also USB, IEC and much more
  • Sockets in different colours possible
  • Individual cord length, completed by an angle plug or other systems
  • Choice of material such as robust plastic, noble aluminum or another finish
  • Individual branding (logo, labels, inscriptions, …)
  • Development of new solutions for power distribution according to your wishes

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