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EHMANN Steckdosenleiste mit MID-geeichtem Stromzähler
2. March, 2021

Measure power consumption for priviliged EEG apportionment

According to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG), industrial companies or other buildings with a high energy usage have the possibility to reduce their EEG apportionment or be exempted from it. To be able to do that, the privileged internal consumption needs to be separated from any third-party usage (e.g. power use of rented rooms, drinks machines from other companies, cafeterias that are managed by other companies).

Currently it is still allowed to estimate those usages appropriately and state those accordingly. Next year, estimations are no longer allowed. Only in special exceptions – like unacceptable effort – those estimations are still permitted.

Our socket strips with an integrated electric meter are our newest addition to our product portfolio. A cost-effective and easy way of measuring and forwarding the power usage of third-party users. According to §25 of the German calibration law, only calibrated meters can be used for power statements. For that reason, our socket strips are equipped with an MID calculation meter (according to the new, European measuring instruments guideline).

The socket strips with (alternating current) electricity meter are available in robust plastic cases or in noble aluminum cases. On request, the socket strips can be equipped with three different communication systems:  S0 BUS (1000imp./kWh), RS485 M-bus (EN13757-3) or Modbus-RTU (RS485).

As an additional option, we can provide a third version. It consists of a solid rubber case, which is perfect for construction sites.


Steckdosenleiste für die Baustelle 400V


Besides from having to measure the power usage by law, there are of course also other reasons for metering the power. In shared working places it might be helpful or necessary to measure the power usage at different work spaces. Or maybe it’s just interesting to know how much power some of your household devices need.


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