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26. March, 2020

Medical socket strips from EHMANN – professional solutions for your systems!

In cooperation with our customers and partners in the medical area we constantly develop new solutions. In the second half of 2019 we conducted a thorough revision of our medical socket strips. Through that we have been able to improve our products in their handling, made a weight reduction possible and created functional surfaces that can be desinfected easily.



Increased safety

In rooms of type 2 it is requested to have a protection against the unintended release of the plugs. In order to meet that requirement, we fundamentally revised our closing mechanism. Only with the help of a tool you can open up the lid that protects the devices from being unintendedly unplugged. Nevertheless, the closing mechanism is easy to handle.


New design, easy to clean surfaces and customized power cords

The number of components decides about the amount of gaps and also uneveness of a product. By decreasing the amount of components we made sure that our socket strips made of solid aluminum can be cleaned easily and thororoughly.

Even the new end caps made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and stainless steel offer a simple way to be desinfected. Furthermore they increase the stability of the socket strip and offer many possibilities to fulfill individual customer wishes. Power cords in different lengths and versions, ZPA’s and even plug systems like Wieland GST18i3 or IEC-plugs can be integrated in the strips.

As a standard, our medical socket strips are equipped with power cords that own the quality certificate of the HAWAMED Medical Grade HWN B14B0296.



Individual mounting possibilities

On the back of the socket strips there are two thread inserts (M5) implemented. They can be used do directly and safely fix claws, standard rail claws and other holder systems on the socket strip. Because of the enormous weight reduction of almost half the weight compared to the earlier version (the mounting plate isn’t necessary anymore) new ways have been opened up to fix the socket strip on all imaginable devices.


Furthermore, you have the possibility to fix the socket strip with screws or cable ties on both ends of the strip. Technical data and dimensions can be found in the appropriate data sheets at any time. They can be accessed through this link here.




International and specific plug systems

Our medical socket strips are constructed in a modular design. This is why they can be equipped with different safety and function modules. There are two lengths of socket strips available, which can be outfitted with individual plug systems. Every possible modification can be made to implement additional fuses, ZPA’s, signal lamps or other safety modules. Besides earth contact sockets and additional equipotential bonding connections according to DIN 42801 we can also integrate British, French/Belgian and Swiss socket systems. With that we have the possibility to provide the socket strips with country specific plug systems.


Proven standards

The standard module is the „Medi Base“ with 4 or 6 sockets and a green signal lamp. The lamp shows, whether the voltage is present in the connected devices. The socket strip „Medi Protect“ has two additional 2-pole fuses, which are fine fuses – for a maximum of safety. Socket strips with additional equipotential bondings (ZPA) according to DIN 42801 are part of the „Medi Terra“ line.



Customized versions

In addition to our standard portfolio we also offer customized versions or OEM products. Besides the adjustment of funcional and electrotechnical features we can als engrave logos or perform other individualizations, e.g. colourwise. Of course, we also realize invidual lengths, versions and bend protection alternatives of the power cord.


Quality and reliability are our top priority

It doesn’t matter if standard or individual production – with both, quality and reliability are the number one priority. Our medical socket strips are being constructed and checked according to DIN EN 60601-1 and DIN EN ISO 80601-2-13. Furthermore, all earth contact sockets are VDE certified and include child protection. A use in medical rooms type 2 is possible.

All products own a unique serial number/check-number. With the help of that number we can track the whole production as well as function and safety checks of every single medical strip. A maximum of product security is given through our 100 % checks before delivery. This is how we can meet even the highest quality demands and offer reliable products for the professional use in medical surroundings. On our medical socket strips, as well as on all our other quality products, we give a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Because we believe in our products – Made in Mainhausen – Germany.


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We happily develop a solution for your request or send you an individual offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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